Jersey Girls Read and Write! Really, we do.

I am definitely not a natural blogger. Posting compelling, quality content on a daily basis is not natural or realistic for me. Perhaps, once a week I can gather thoughts on my WIP. Today, I’m sharing what I’m thinking and I know so far.

Women from New Jersey are amazing and mostly inexplicable. I know because New Jersey is my home state and it’s snarky attitude is in my blood. We’re skeptical and can be very difficult if you don’t mean what you say. My protagonist, Clara, is definitely a Jersey Girl, but she has a few more sharp edges under her cashmere sweaters and an appetite for adventure she suppresses. Watching her develop and leave the security of her life to live beyond her rules is awakening.

Educated, but smart; beautiful, but insecure and finally, tough, but fragile like fine crystal that will cut and scar you, Clara is an intelligent character with many layers for the reader who can keep up with her.

She is naturally analytical, cautious and skeptical about every person she meets and therefore spends a great deal of time in bookstores and museums.

Yet, “accidentally falling in love,” with a man “who has everything wrong with him,” she must decide on an unconventional relationship with an unconventional man and his peculiar life.

As Clara says, “You never know who you’ll meet in a bookstore.”

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