The 2018 Writer’s Digest Annual Conference: Let’s pack, we need to leave!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 (Day 1)

Today is unusually annoying for a girl who always over packs. I have to decide what I want to wear for the next four days of my life and if I will be comfortable and appropriately dressed. The problem is, I am a first time attendee and have no idea what is comfortable and/or appropriate for this particular crowd of artists. I know, I’m over-thinking and it may sound trivial, but if I am not comfortable and happy with my appearance, I’m moody and I don’t pay attention. Yet, paying attention this weekend to as many details as possible is key to a successful conference for me. I have no time for blisters and hot flashes. I’m going to a conference hosted by one of the most prestigious writing publications, “Writer’s Digest” and I am excited and nervous!

Manhattan is currently experiencing a heatwave with heavy humidity and rain storms popping up all the time, I need to pack like the well-traveled woman I am. Except, this is Manhattan and it’s in my backyard and for me, it’s not traveling, it’s going through a tube in the Lincoln Tunnel. Summer in the city and people from around the world converge with a lack of personal hygiene, deodorant and power walking skills. Yet, I will manage to slide my way through cars, pedestrians and hot streets to reach my destination, the 2018 Writer’s Digest Conference. Yes, air-conditioning, Starbucks and WiFi make everything better!

Tomorrow, I’ll arrive, register and prepare myself for a new writing experience, a writing conference held by the prestigious publication, “Writer’s Digest.” The conference, known as #WDC18 is, for me, exciting and I hope will be a learning experience that teaches me to better hone my craft. But, since I’m a Jersey Girl, I have to revisit packing for a moment. Packing is not a superfluous process, it’s part of a good experience. I know I must pack light and keep clothes and shoes comfortable, I am not in the city on a vacation, yet somehow, I’ll fit into my schedule a visit to one of my favorite places. Rare, historical places found only in Manhattan are essential for creativity. Not only does this adventure require clothes and accessories (I don’t do the starving artist appearance at all), but a notebook, a journal and my bag of perfectly sharpened pencils and pens. I love to write in pencil, only Ticonderoga pencils and Derwent makes the best pencil sharpener. I’m the nerdy kid on the first day of school.

I’m planning to post on my blog daily about my experiences and share some insights regarding this admired writing conference. Yet, I will not sacrifice learning to stop and blog. So, please be patient if I don’t post one day. Eventually, I’ll blog everything that needs to be blogged. Since I am an aspiring novelist and this is my first time at #WDC18 or any writing conference, my objectives for attending are: learning more about the writing craft, networking with like-minded people, and having a little fun in the process.

I am not pitching my novel this year and I’m grateful since I am in the middle of it and the novel changes stories more than Rudy Giuliani these days. But, just from the conference Facebook page, the nerves and stress are sentient. Good Luck to all those attending and pitching this weekend. I certainly admire you!

#WDC18 has an extremely friendly, private and welcoming Facebook page. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and meet other attendees before the actual meet up while authors and speakers are happy to introduce themselves and invite you to attend their sessions or book signings. I am truly excited and happy to attend this conference and will probably over pack, but hopefully, I can bring you the most comprehensive information about the conference that any first time attendee should know and would want to know!

So far, that’s all I have. I’ll check in tomorrow with pics.

I’m adding important information here if you want to attend, there’s still time to register!