Simply White

No one explained that blogging is incredibly difficult. Why is there not a warning for someone like myself who is a perfectionist or also known as a professional pain in the ass? It took me many months just to decide on the approximately ten completely different shades of white I painted the interior of my home. Why was I obligated to explain my color palette to my contractor? He actually told me he was waiting for a “wow color” and all he opened were cans of white. Fuck him and his lack of understanding the many shades of white! I actually was reassured by a professional artist that I was correct in noticing the slight, but dramatic differences in white.

I’m not used to having more than 280 characters to write in so forgive my rant about color palettes. But, since I notice and research every detail of a project, how am I ever going to write my first novel?

Yes, that’s what ChristinaRealNJ is about, writing. “ChristinaRealNJ” was born on Twitter and conceived from my dislike of reality television, but nothing is simple with Twitter or reality television. Both are dramatic and flowing with obscene characters, ridiculous statements and witty quotes and neither one qualifies for great writing or as time well spent. Yet, perhaps out of all this nonsense, decent writing can surface. A novel on Twitter is not possible, but giving potential readers a glimpse of a novel is. Sometimes one, 280 character glimpse can draw a reader in to another world they never expected to encounter. Like a fresh coat of white paint, I believe my material is beautiful and fresh and unique. So, now the words come out of the can and are painted on paper. ChristinaRealNJ is where my story literally and figuratively begins, so I’m inviting you on this sadistic adventure with me, called writing. By the way, my favorite shade of white is aptly named “Simply White.”

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